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Gabions find extensive usage in erosion control, retaining walls, bank stabilization, channel linings, weirs & culverts protection, highway and other applications. It comes with a double twisted hexagonal mesh of steel wires, thereby, ensuring high strength. Our Gabions has PVC coating that makes them resistant to rust. Buyers prefer to buy Gabions from us as we make them available at the most reasonable prices. 


Applications :

  • Mass gravity retaining wall Structures
  • Landscaping & Architecutral Structures
  • Hydraulic structures, dam, culverts
  • Erosion and scour protection
  • Reinforced soil walls
  • Perimeter wall Structures
  • Acoustic Security Barriers
  • Abutments, Trapezoid Structures and free standing walls
  • Architectural feature retaining walls
  • Gabions Gardens & Monuments
  • Landscape Gabions Houses & High Security Structures
  • Gabion Fencing

Advantages :

  • Ease & Quicker in Installation
  • Speed of construction & Quicker Assembly
  • Rigid Structure
  • Strong Base, which provides strength from being drag away by river or stream.
  • Welded gabion can conform to ground movements, dissipate energy from flowing water, and drain freely
  • Gabions strength and effectiveness increase with time a silt and vegetation fill the interstitial voids and reinforce the structure and provide extra strength.
  • Reduce Velocity of water as the energy dissipated by the rocks, thus reduce erosion
  • It is possible to cut holes in them if needed to pass pipes etc  through and they can be machine filled.
  • The Heavy galvanized and Additional Polyester Powder coating wire used in the mesh resists corrosion and rust.
  • Economic & Low Cost Installation - Speedy installation also without needing any skilled labor force
  • Low Maintenance as gabions are virtually maintenance free when erected and installed properly
  • Strength & Permeability
  • Welded Gabions Come pre-assembled in the factory with hinged panels folded flat for shipping and ease of unloading. They are easily expanded and ready to fill with rocks.
  • Once expanded and place in position, Gabions are securely interconnected with corkscrew type spiral binders at each vertical junction.
  • Welded Gabions provide better shape control superior to twisted or woven wire fabric. Internal diaphragms and preformed corner stiffeners brace adjacent panels and add stiffness for more shape control
  • Welded Gabions and mattresses from Gurukrupa meet all the relevant BS & ASTM Standard such as ASTM A979-97 requirements with regard to the materials of construction and method of manufacture.
  • The wire used for Welded mesh Gabion can be plain steel, Heavy Galvanized or galvanized and PPC coated.
  • The fastening materials such as heavy formed spiral binders, lacing wire, U clips, Etc. Ensure that the units act as one strong monolithic structure.

Applications : Barbed wire is a conventional form of fencing and is widely used for demarcation and low security fencing for areas such as farms houses, gardens, open lands etc. Any person or animal trying to pass through the fencing line will suffer from discomfort or possibly injury.

Installation : Barbed wires are simplest of all to install and erect. It requires only fencing posts, barbed wires and fixing accessories such as staples/ pins and hence even an unskilled person can erect the fence quickly.


  • Double Twisted Hexagonal Mesh Gabions

    Double Twisted Hexagonal Mesh Gabions

    Product Name : Double Twisted Hexagonal Mesh Gabions

    Feature : Retaining WaIl Structures,Highways & Bridges,Erosion Control,River & Canal Training,Coastal & River

    Brand Name : Gurukrupa Wirenetting

    Condition : Good

    Place Of Origin : Petlad,Gujrat

  • Welded Mesh Gabions

    Welded Mesh Gabions

    Condition : Good

    Product Name : Welded Mesh Gabions

    Feature : Mass gravity retaining wall Structures, Landscaping &Architectural Structures,Hydraulic structures.

    Brand Name : Gurukrupa Wirenetting

    Place Of Origin : Petlad,Gujrat

  • Welded Wire Gabions

    Welded Wire Gabions

    Product Name : Welded Wire Gabions

    Feature : Economical retaining systems, Heat resistance,Fine finishing

    Brand Name : Gurukrupa Wirenetting

    Condition : Good

    Place Of Origin : Petlad,Gujrat

  • Stone Gabions

    Stone Gabions

    Product Name : Stone Gabions

    Feature : Finley finished,Unmatched quality,Sturdiness

    Wire Gauge : 1.5-6 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.4 mm, 2.7 mm

    Zinc Coating : 40-290 g/m2

    Size : 2x1x1 m, 2x1x0.5 m

  • Steel Gabions

    Steel Gabions

    Brand Name : Gurukrupa Wirenetting

    Place of Origin : Petlad,Gujrat

    Product Name : Steel Gabions

    Feature : Rust resistant,Long service life,Light weight

    Material : Quality of the raw materials

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