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Double Twisted Hexagonal Mesh Gabions

Reckoned for our extensive array of products, we efficiently serve our customers from Petlad(India). In order to ensure complete satisfaction of the customers, we deliver the orders on the scheduled time.


Applications :

  • Retaining WaIl Structures
  • Highways & Bridges
  • Erosion Control
  • River & Canal Training
  • Coastal & River Embankment Works

Advantages :

  • Ease of handling and transportation
  • Speed of construction & Quicker Assembly
  • Flexibility & Endurance
  • Permeability to water - gabion structures offer free drainage providing higher bank stability when used for river bank protection.
  • Environment Friendly as gabions structures blends easily and harmoniously with the natural surroundings
  • over the time

Terminology,Technical Specifications & Wire Coating :

Double - twisted wire mesh :
A non raveling mesh made by twisting continuous pairs of wires through two & one half turns (commonly called double twisted) to form hexagonal shaped opening which are then interconnected to adjacent wires to from hexagonal opening.

Selvedge wire :
A terminal wire used to edge the wire mesh perpendicular to the double twist by mechanically wrapping the mesh wire around atleast 2.5 times.

Lacing wire :
A galvanized wire or galvanized wire with PVC Coating used to assemble and interconnect empty units,to close and secure stone—lilled units,and internal stiffeners.